Domestic Pumps

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Domestic Pump

A pump is required for any kind of residential building that has groundwater aquifers or borewells. Choosing a pump for your everyday needs in never an easy choice, there are several factors to consider before choosing a pump that is just right for you. You would need a pump that is both efficient and ergonomic to use. Some of the factors to consider are:

  • Inlet size

The inlet size varies from 1-6 inches, the bigger the size of the inlet valve, the more force and speed is produced at the output valve. Water received at the inlet valve is discharged at the outlet.

  • Flow rate

The flow rate determines the speed at which water flows through a pump. It is measured in liters per minute, one that churns out 100-200 litres per minute is ideal for most home or domestic use.

  • Maximum Head and pressure

This refers to the maximum height to which a pump can pump water vertically. A pump should usually be able to pump some meters higher than the maximum height required to pump the water.

  • Maximum load of the pump

When your house has multiple floors or is an apartment complex with multiple houses, you will need a bigger capacity pump.

  • Quality of water

The degree and extent of impurities must be factored while choosing the right kind of pump for your house or apartment complex.

  • The cost of labor

The cost of operation and workforce expended on operating the pump should be minimal, to justify the investment.

  • Maintenance

The pump should be maintenance-free so as ensure an efficient and hassle-free life of the pump.

These are the crucial things to keep in mind while considering the pump of your choice for domestic use.

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