Solar Power Energy

Solar Power Energy and How it’s Paving the Way for the Future

Solar power is the energy harnessed from the sun by converting it into electricity in DC form, further converted to AC form using solar inverter or PV inverter. It is one of the most important sources of renewable energy that we have on hand. The sun emits more than enough energy during daylight hours to meet residential and most commercial needs.Additionally, with solar power technology improving by leaps and bounds, it is now becoming an economical and indeed feasible source of energy. Some of the improvements include a hybrid device that contains solar cells invented by researchers at Houston, which captures and stores solar energy as thermal energy. This enables round-the-clock solar power, which is particularly significant for places with shorter daylight hours and cold countries.

Why Solar Energy?

  • It’s renewable

Unlike fossil fuels, as long as we have the sun, we have a guaranteed energy source. The only limitation is our ability to harness the energy of the sun. So as the cost of setting up solar power panels is coming down, the feasibility of solar energy being our mainstay source of green energy becomes a reality

  • Clean energy

The use of solar power panels to generate electricity does not produce greenhouse gases, and as a result, the environment is spared a great deal of harm. Additionally, the sun never runs of energy (except when it will go supernova).

  • Low Operational Costs

Solar panels just need to be fed sunlight really, and there are no operational costs like putting coal in or any fuel for that matter. In this way, it is one of the more cost-effective methods of power generation.

  • Self-reliant

So, solar energy has the added advantage of making your home self-reliant, as all your energy needs can be satisfied with the right solar power set-up. This saves on expenses and reduces your reliance on external bodies.

  • Use underutilized land

Land value can be increased by installing solar power panels and creating solar farms. In this way, land that would otherwise be lying idle and going to waste. These solar farms can power a large number of homes. One in the UK powers around 2,500 homes.

  • Solar power minimized electricity loss

Since you have your dedicated power source, the disruptions in the electricity supply will be minimal. You don’t have to rely on any big corporations, and the bills are back in your control, as the power is generated right at home, which means no transmission losses as well.

  • Grid security

The more households that adopt solar energy, the more stable and guarded the grid is against blackouts. Additionally, with the government providing incentives, it may be prudent to switch to solar power.

Other Innovations:
It is a structure discovered in the mid-1800s that can be used to significantly cut the cost of production of solar panels and improve conversion efficiency to an extent, about 35% to be exact. However, there are now panels that get about 18%

Floating solar farms
These solar panels can be deployed in water bodies and harness the sun’s energy. They are highly efficient and save on real estate. Not only this, but the water panels are more energy efficient by about 10% than their land counterparts.

Solar Fabric
This innovation powers our clothes and other garments like tents with solar cells to power small devices like phones and the like. Even tents and garments can be powered by these cells, to be used on a small scale.

As we can see, there are plenty of innovations happening in the solar power energy space as renewable energy is heading in the right direction with solar energy. That is also why most governments are investing in this technology and India as well.

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