Maxtreat - RO Chemicals


It is an extremely useful liquid antiscalant that enables the reverse osmosis membrane's surface to stay clean. The inorganic scales of surface, ground and seawater can be regulated by it.
Maxtreat 9001N has been listed under NSF /ANSI Standard 60.


  • Effectual scale control including calcium carbonate
  • Effective over a diverse range of scale classes including sulphates, oxides and carbonates
  • Ph 6-10 is an effective operating range
  • Able to stay in suspension in a soluble form with ions
  • Full compatibility with leading RO membranes


  • Dosing of antiscalant Maxtreat® 9001N to be done before Cartridge filter for proper mixing.
  • Recommended dosage in the range of 1- 6 ppm (neat) controls a wide range of inorganic scales.
  • Saptha will provide technical assistance in arriving at optimum dosages for your design operating conditions.
Cooling Tower Chemicals


Considering a genuine comprehensive treatment product, consisting of a biocide and biodisperant, Maxtreat 2340 is a low use level organic blend effective against scale and deposition.


  • Corrosion control: The product controls steel, brass and copper corrosion by virtue of it being composed of zinc and organo inorganic inhibitors.
  • System application: A wide array of industries and water types can be treated by this chemical, including soft and hard water variants.
  • Scale Control: Dispenses with alkaline water scale, leading to flexibility in designated pH ranges.
  • Deposit Control: Suitable for deposit and corrosion control in equipment and heat transfer surfaces.
  • More suitable for distant locations
  • The incorporation of biocide makes Maxtreat 2340 a truly single product treatment.


  • The dose of product varies with operating condition TDS and pH of operation.
  • Saptha will aid you in reaching the optimum dosage for your operating conditions.
Maxgreen - STP Chemicals


Developed in-house at THERMAX chemical division, MAXGREEN-EMBC-STP-001 is a particularly efficient strain of microbes. Ceaseless research goes on in our ab to improve on the current strain of microbes.


  • It contains robust microbial strains that degrade tough to degrade biodegradable organic compounds.
  • One does not have to deal with cow dung.
  • Dosing can be done without the aid of pumps.
  • Easy storage.
  • Shock loading is easily withstood.
  • Eco-friendly product for humans and animals.
  • Bacteria present in MAXGREEN-EMBC-STP-001 have a shelf life of 6 months as they are dormant.
  • Reactivation rate is high after water is added.
  • A high rate of biodegradation.
  • Colour and odour reduction are guaranteed.
  • Low running cost.
  • Enhanced plant efficiency due to less sludge generation.


  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Odour and colour reduction
  • Sewer pipelines treatment
  • Sewage treatment
  • Fats, oil and grease reduction
Tulsion - Softener Resin


Thermax's chemical division is the leading global manufacturers of Tulsion brand ion resins, among other things.


  • Quality at affordable cost.
  • Picks up essential and valuable minerals.
  • A resin that is guaranteed to anchor, purify and support.
  • Accelerates customer process
  • Enhances taste and appearance
  • Purifies the most precious commodity of the world.
  • Extracts precious materials.


  • Customized solutions in water management problems.
  • Tailor-made solutions for customers.
  • Exclusive R&D team.
  • Pilot plant for scaling-up activities, supervised by the engineering team.
  • Intermediate and final products handled by manufacturing plants.
  • Quality assurance and lab control ensured by lab testing equipment.


  • Ion exchange business unit is ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS 18001-2007 certified.
  • Tulsion® resins are also certified for Halal, Kosher and REACH.