We are introducing the next generation of Shellmax Global series.
These boilers are adequately packaged, smoke tube type, 3 pass, light oil/gas-fired boilers. It has been designed to meet global standards and low cost of ownership & world-class aesthetic.

Plug and Play

  • Minimal workforce required
  • Factory insulated boiler skid for the safety of workers who could come in contact with these surfaces.
  • It’s wholly pre-assembled and pre-wired.

Compact Footprint

  • World-class aesthetics
  • Ergonomic design
  • 100% skid mounted unit
  • Robust lagging


  • Highest combustion efficiency
  • Improved safety standards
  • Monobloc design


Revomax is a 3 pass, once through, forced circulation design compact N-IBR plug & play unit, with multi-fuel firing options (one at a time) viz. FO, LDO, HSD, NG and LPG. In it's class, it is the most efficient instant steam generator, preferred by process industries and the hospitality segment for ages.

Reverse Flame Technology

  • Provides ample residence time
  • Ensures complete combustion process
  • Maintains consistent high thermal efficiency

Unique Membrane Coil Design

  • Uniform heat transfer enhances coil life

Economiser-Optimiser Combination

  • Helps in oxygen scavenging, also reduces pitting corrosion
  • Ensures reduction in heat loss

Cyclonic Steam Separator

  • Assures steam dryness up to 92%


Thermax brings the next generation of Thermeon series with the highest efficiency and smart controller-TEON UFS. It works on the principle of gasification and comes with automatic fuel feeding and ash removal system.


  • Highest combustion efficiency
  • Silent combustion technology
  • Automatic ash removal
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Ease of operation
  • Completely paneled and Ultra-compact
  • Lower excess air temperature
  • Better load control mechanism
  • No manual intervention
  • Smart HMI controller


N-IBR Instant Steam Generator

Compact plug & play unit

  • Skid-mounted packaged unit with 3 pass, once through, having a circulation design for instant steam generation.

World class monobloc burner

  • Ensures silent and efficient operations

Low maintenance

  • Less choking due to large diameter of pressure part tubes
  • The transparent filter enables online monitoring of contaminants which prevents coil failure
  • Less downtime and reduced maintenance costs

Integrated control panel

  • Ergonomically designed control panel with visual display
  • Hassle-free maintenance & operator safety

Highest grade safety and control interlocks

  • Protects the unit and its components from high steam, temperature and pressure
  • Low/No water flow through the coil
  • Flame failure and motor overload

Dependable performance

  • Used in garments, hospitality and food industry
  • For Steam requirements less than 100 kg/hr