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THERMAX SOLAR PV SOLUTIONS comprising Grid Connected Photovoltaic power solutions in Rooftop & Ground System

Lease financing option available

Solar PV Power

Solar PV power not only helps customer generate their own power, it also reduces their carbon footprint and cuts down electricity cost. Customers vary from segments like industrial rooftops, corporate office buildings, institutes, warehouses and government offices.


  • Helps utilize roof space even after installing a Solar PV Power
  • Reduces the implementation time by setting a plant with minimal civil works
  • Maintenance simplified with non-penetrating structures


  • Provides both off-grid and grid connected solutions
  • For industrial and commercial buildings, institutes and public sector undertakings
  • On a variety of roofs- inclined and curved roofs, elevated structures, car parks, etc.

Ground mounted

  • Solutions for ground based solar projects ranging from 100 kW to multiple MW installations


  • Has a dedicated Solar O&M team, helping customers keep their assets productive
  • Operates and maintains over 4 MW worth of solar projects
  • Offers flexible annual maintenance contracts