Filtration is a process that uses a fine physical barrier to remove suspended impurities. We offer a vast array of filters to suit every customer need.

Activated Carbon Filters

  • Activated carbon is used as the media
  • Filters out free residual chlorine, colour, odour, oil & organics

Dual Media Filters

  • The primary filtering medium includes: sand and anthracite
  • Used to remove suspended solids

Iron Removal Filters

  • Specially engineered to filter out iron from water
  • IRF has a catalyst of a manganese dioxide layer, which converts iron to ferric form, which is then easily precipitated and filtered out

Garnet Filters

  • Garnet Filters come in handy as polishing filters which guarantee the outlet turbidity quality requirement is stringent.

Pressure Sand Filters

  • These filters reduce overall turbidity
  • The filtering media consists of fine mesh sand.


Using extremely low temperatures and pressure, softening is a process of reducing the hardness forming cations (Ca & Mg).
Softening is a process that consists of the exchange of specific ions with sodium ions present in the resin group. This is a reversible ion exchange process.

Standard Capacities

  • 0.1 – 25, 3.5 – 35, 0.3 – 25, 3.5 – 230 m3/hr
  • Upto 500 m3/hr available on request

Unique Features

  • Available in FRP/ GRP vessels upto 42” diameter
  • Single-valve operation with sleek design in MS
  • Up-flow operation based off rugged packed bed design
  • Flexibility in resin volumes

LoFlo RO

LoFlo RO has been designed and standardized to produce water at smaller flow rates. It is multi-faceted in use and can be used in industrial or commercial setting and even the residential setting.

Standard Capacities

  • 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000, 2000, and 3000 LPH


  • Compact & modular in nature
  • Seamless installation, operation and servicing
  • Automation option for online product water quality monitoring available


PuriSmart extracts hardness from water by using ion exchange technology by virtue of it being a fully automatic skid mounted filter & softener plant. Ideal design for bungalows and societies.


  • 2000 LPH


  • Minimises hardness to commercial zero level
  • Automated operation
  • Compact; skid mounted